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Internet Defamation occurs when someone posts a false factual negative statement on the Internet.  We encounter Internet defamation most frequently as a result of statements posted in a web log (blog) or in an Internet forum.  These posts constituting Internet defamation are often cached and indexed by the major search engines.

We have assisted our clients not only in removing defamatory contents from the Internet but also in identifying the anonymous post authors.  When litigation has become necessary, we have obtained legal victories for our clients, both through Summary Judgment and after hotly contested trials.  Injunctive relief ordering individuals to remove posts are not very easy to obtain due to their impact on Free Speech, but we have obtained them multiple times on behalf of our clients.

An Internet defamation attorney with our Internet defamation law firm is experienced in removing these cyber libel and online slander from the website where the defamation is posted and from the major search engines.  Whether your business is defamed in an Internet blog, Internet forum, or anywhere online, or whether you need expert advice to interpret the Communications Decency Act, our Internet defamation attorneys can protect your reputation in cyberspace.

Internet defamation law changes constantly as courts interpret the Communications Decency Act and other laws affecting you rights online.  The distinction between a service provider and a content provider is subject to different interpretations.  A recent interpretation is the case.

Our Internet Defamation Lawyer handle all issues of Internet defamation, for example:


  • Our client was a respected plastic surgeon, who was duly licensed by the states of California, Michigan, and Virginia and was board-certified by the American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.  A former patient posted anonymous “reviews” in a ratings site.  The contents of the “doctor review” were false and motivated by a billing dispute.  Our client needed the “anonymous” individual identified and held accountable.
  • We were retained for an Internet defamation matter. Our client’s name was used as a keyword for spamming websites containing pornographic material. When our client’s name was searched on the various search engines, the spam websites appeared, greatly harming our client’s Internet reputation.
  • Our client had earned significant income in the stock market as a day-trader and was the owner of a blog providing day-trading advice.  An individual attempted to obtain an unwarranted refund after losing capital in the stock market.  The individual had taken unreasonable risks against our client’s advise but demanded a refund and threatened to post defamatory comments online.  We assisted our client in removing some of the defamatory comments and in preventing further Internet defamation.
  • Our client, an internationally renowned plastic surgeon duly certified by the state of Florida was concerned about a newspaper article falsely implying that he had two patients die due to the plastic surgery he performed on them. These accusations, however, were proven false by the Department of Health.
  • Our client, a surgeon, was the victim of a “serial defamer”.  This individual was a former patient of several surgeons and other medical professionals who had posted about each and every one of the treating physicians after being unable to obtain refunds that were not lawfully due.
  • Our law firm was retained to address false and defamatory posts about our client. The posts accused our client of various forms of moral indecency and even prostitution. The posts and the large number of comments on the website showed up as the number one result for our client’s name in the Google search engine, requiring our intervention to effect the removal and protect our client’s online reputation.
  • Our client, a well-known oral surgeon in New York City is libeled by a disgruntled former employee pretending to be a patient on a medical doctor “reviews” website.
  • We were retained by a couple whose computer was hacked while they utilized a hotel’s wi-fi connection. The hacker stole their private photographs and videos and posted them into various websites, adversely affecting our client’s reputation and future Internet business plans.
  • Our client’s private copyrighted photos were posted on various amateur pornographic websites. The hosting company refused our client’s initial attempts to get the pictures removed from the website, necessitating our Internet lawyer assistance.
  • Our client, a successful private company formed for the purpose of developing prime oil and gas properties, was falsely defamed in various Internet forums and blogs of being a “scam” operation.
  • A former patient, after losing a complaint with the Medical Board, uses the Internet to attack our client, a respected Arizona dental surgeon.
  • Our client, a leading hair transplant surgeon was being defamed in an Internet forum.  The website owner unlawfully demanded cash payments in exchange for deleting the defamatory posts.
  • An individuals posts defamatory comments on multiple Internet sites falsely implying that our client has HIV.
  • Someone posts defamatory statements about a business client in an Internet blog or Internet forum or Internet blog. These Internet defamation threatens the very existence of the Internet business. Aggressive action by our Internet defamation attorneys is critical to save our client’s Internet business.
  • A prospective patient of our client, a dentist in New Mexico, is upset about not receiving a refund for a non-refundable fee and decides to label our client as a “ripoff”.
  • Former coworkers initiate a defamatory Internet attack targeted to affect the reputation of an Internet professional. Appropriate response by an Internet defamation lawyer is critical to protect the individual’s ability to earn a living as an Internet software developer.
  • A former employee starts a gripe site targeting a business. This Internet defamation attack diverts traffic from the affected website and dramatically reduces its Internet sales. Swift action by an Internet defamation lawyer is necessary to protect the Internet business.
  • A reputable member of his community is accused of being a child molester. Early intervention by an Internet defamation lawyer is required before these Internet defamatory statements propagate.
  • Various competitors use the Internet to libel our client, one of the most decorated oral surgeons in a small town in a Western State.
  • After our client’s partnership is dissolved, our client’s former partners post libelous and defamatory statements about our client in a professional blog. Action by an Internet defamation lawyer is necessary.
  • An internet forum contributor engaged in an Internet defamation campaign by claiming that an Internet electronics company was a scam.
  • A prominent member of the community is falsely accused of running a prostitution ring on the Internet. This Internet defamation threatens our client’s reputation in the community. An Internet defamation lawyer must intervene to protect our client’s interests.
  • A former acquaintance of our client accesses our client’s email without authorization and posts his private emails and defamatory comments in a Facebook page. Our client’s employment is in jeopardy as a result of this Internet defamation.
  • Internet business was accused of being a scam operation. The Internet defamation came from a competitor who operated a website with the sole reason of gaining a competitive advantage from the Internet defamation.
  • An individual utilizes an online forum to defame our client by calling him a “rapist”.  Our client had never seen or met this individual in person and lived several thousand miles away.
  • Several individuals make “anonymous” posts defaming our client on various Internet forums and “reviews” websites.  Our client is a leading medical practitioner in California, New York, and Virginia / D.C.
  • An angry customer operates a website to defame a reputable construction contractor on the Internet. An Internet defamation lawyer intervenes.
  • A successful real estate agent is accused of being a pedophile and his photo is posted in a website as part of an Internet defamation campaign.
  • An online jewelry store is accused of selling fake jewelry. The Internet defamation requires the intervention of an Internet defamation lawyer to protect the store’s online presence.
  • Our client, a pastor of a Church, is attacked online by various individuals who separated from our clients church in an effort to lure away donors.
  • A successful real estate agent is accused of sexually deviant conduct in an Internet blog. The assistance of an Internet defamation lawyer is necessary to remove the false libelous and defamatory posts.
  • Investment banker is accused of fraudulent acts in an Internet banking newsletter. Assistance from an Internet defamation law expert attorney is necessary to save his career.
  • Our client, a pharmaceutical company executive, is attacked on several Internet blogs and online forums by former employees of his company.
  • An web retailer is accused of running a scam operation. This Internet defamation causes decreased sales and affiliate dissociation.
  • Our client, a company that consults for small and medium businesses and connects these clients with federal and state buyers, was defamed on various Internet forums.
  • A retired medical doctor is defamed on a “medical doctor reviews” website by an individual claiming to be a patient.  Our client had been retired for ten years and had not seen any patients since retiring.
  • An individual posts embarrassing photos of our client taken over twenty years ago and defames our client through offensive postings on various Internet websites, forums, and blogs.
  • Our client, who is in the medical field is accused of having sexually transmitted diseases on a website created to report STD carriers.  This false information threatens to affect our client’s practice.
  • Our client is the manager of a successful hedge fund.  A competitor is falsely accusing him of operating a “Ponzi scheme”.
  • An upset former acquaintance of our client publishes false and defamatory statements, accusing our client of being a “liar” and a “cheater.”  As a result, our client may lose his job.
  • Our client, an incorporated religious ministry was the victim of Internet defamation by its former web designer. The individual was in control of their former domain name and utilized it to initiate a web site full of Internet libel.
  • A religious leader is accused of lascivious acts in an Internet forum. Without the assistance of an Internet defamation lawyer, the defamatory posts will continue to propagate.
  • A well known newspaper prints an article on its website associating our client’s name with a prostitution ring that was busted by the police.
  • Our client, a petroleum exploration company was being targeted for Internet defamation by an upset former employee who was making false posts in various Internet sites.
  • Our client, a company that sold automotive parts online, was “reported” in a “complaints” website by an angry customer who lost a lawsuit.  Not being able to coerce our client to provide a refund through the legal system, the individual chose to falsely attack our client in the complaints site.
  • Our client’s photography business is attacked online by a competing business.  The competing business was created by a former employee who is attempting to build her business by defaming our client online.
  • Our client, a U.K corporation is defamed on the Internet by various competitors who utilize Internet servers based in the U.S. for its unlawful libel.  Our client’s eBay store suffers as a result and needs its reputation protected against the online slander.
  • A corporation obtains a fraudulent assignment of compromising photographs of our client and is posting them in an online for-profit website.  Our client’s reputation is adversely affected by the posting of these photographs.
  • A prominent businessman within his community is accused of destroying a group promoting the national interests of his home country. As a result of this Internet defamation, he receive threats and his business loses customers from his nation. An Internet defamation lawyer must intervene to protect his business and his reputation.
  • A pediatrician is attacked on Yahoo! groups and Yahoo! local by a former disgruntled employer.   The individual hopes to affect our client’s practice through this Internet defamation.
  • A former employer accesses our client’s email account without authorization.  As a result, the employer obtains private emails that are used to orchestrate an Internet defamation campaign against our client.
  • An Internet forum attacked our client about her religious beliefs and about a product that her company sold online.  The posts were false and made by an individual who was attempting to introduce a competing product into the market.
  • Bloggers initiate an Internet defamation campaign that threatens to destroy an Internet business. An Internet business lawyer acts swiftly to track the source of the Internet defamation and protect the business.
  • Our client, a law enforcement officer is accused of distributing Internet pornography. An Internet defamation lawyer intervenes to protect his reputation against Internet defamation.
  • Our client earns income by maintaining an online blog with a targeted audience.  A competing blogger attacks our client by spreading Internet defamation to our client’s blog advertisers.

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By Dom Rivera

By Dom Rivera