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Jacqueline Chiang, Esq.

Jacqueline Chiang, Esq., Internet defamation lawyer

Jacqueline Chiang earned a BA in English and Psychology from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. She went on to earn her her law degree from the College of William and Mary School of Law. She was Executive Vice President of the Northwestern University National Society of Collegiate Scholars and began freelance web design during her undergraduate career.

Jacqueline Chiang has practiced Internet law since passing the bar in 2006. Jacqueline is licensed to practice law in the state courts of the Commonwealth of Virginia and in the Eastern District of Virginia.  She has been an attorney practicing Internet Law with us since 2009

Internet Trial Attorney

An Internet Law pioneer with a proven record, Domingo J. Rivera was the first attorney in the United States to win a complex jury trial involving Federal Copyright Infringement, music piracy criminal allegations.

The importance of having a computer expert as your Internet trial attorney

During a cyber trial, whether related to copyright infringement, trademark infringement, domain name dispute, Internet defamation, or a computer crime trial, it is extremely important to have an attorney who has not only legal subject matter knowledge, but is also experienced in computer technology and the technical concepts related to the Internet.  We recently completed a long and complex cyber crime trial. We were fully equipped to expertly handle the criminal defense aspects of the case, we knew the law, how to cross-examine witnesses, and how to establish reasonable doubt. However, during the trial, it was our technical knowledge that allowed us to provide a unique perspective to the evidence presented.

The evidence presented at trial contained technical details that only an attorney with Internet technology knowledge would have recognized.  Your Internet lawyer must not only be effective in arguing Internet law, but must have superior technical knowledge to recognize complex technical issues “on the spot.”

It takes a lot of finesse, patience, and competence to explain to effectively explain technical issues to the court. The typical non-technical attorney attempting to venture into Internet law may not understanding these technical concepts.  Our expertise includes technical degrees in Computer Engineering and years of Internet technology experience.

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Domingo Rivera

Domingo J. Rivera, Esq., JD, M.S., MBA, CISSP, GPEN, CEH, GSLC, GCIH, EIT

Legal Decision Highlights:

  • The first attorney in the United States to obtain a major victory after a jury trial against the FBI and the DOJ in an case involving criminal copyright infringement allegations.  The client was accused of being the leader of the world’s most prolific music piracy group.  The case began in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia and was decided in the USDC for the Southern District of Texas.
  • Has obtained Summary Judgment in Federal cases involving computer trespass including the first civil case based on the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and the Stored Communications Act decided by the Arkansas Federal Court.
  • Has obtained Summary Judgment in Federal cases involving online defamation, trademark infringement, invasion of privacy.  Obtained recent Summary Judgment involving online defamation and trademark infringement in the USDC for the Middle District of Florida.
  • Has won cases involving Internet defamation in several State and Federal Court cases after hotly contested trials.
  • Has obtained injunctions against Internet defamation.  Injunctive relief is generally hard to obtain in Internet defamation cases because of Free Speech implications.
  • Regularly teaches CLEs to other attorneys on Internet law matters.
  • Has published scholarly articles in widely published legal publications regarding issues related to Internet law and Internet defamation.
  • Is one of the few attorneys holding Information Security Certifications, including the prestigious CISSP, GPEN, GCIH, GSLC, CEH.  Of those, is also one of the select few with vast experience defending highly sensitive computer networks.

Education Highlights:

Domingo J. Rivera earned a B.S. in Computer Engineering, M.S. in Information Technology (Virginia Tech), an MBA (Florida) with a specialty in Information Technology Management, and a Doctorate of Jurisprudence.  Domingo J. Rivera is also a registered Electrical Engineering E.I.T. in the State of Florida.

Information Technology and Cybersecurity Certifications:

Domingo Rivera has passed the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) exam.  Additionally, he holds the following Cybersecurity Certifications:


With these cybersecurity certifications and experience in defending critical computer networks, you can count on Mr. Rivera to apply both legal and technical expertise to any technically complicated case. Whether the case may involve hacking (unauthorized access to computer systems), online defamation investigation, or legal compliance issues related cybersecurity policy, we can provide techno-legal expertise to any case related to technology.


Mr. Rivera maintains a TS/SCI Clearance.  Therefore, he may assist you with sensitive legal issues that may require meeting at a secure facility or understanding the full scope of the situation.  His legal counsel has proven valuable to clients in need of competent and fully informed advice for sensitive matters.