Computer Crimes

Internet  Cyber Crime Defense

Our cybercrime defense lawyers are prepared to protect your rights if you are accused of an Internet crime. Some of the most common Cyber Crimes include:

Most states have enacted Internet and computer crimes statutes, including among many others Virginia, California, New York, and Alabama.  Many of these statutes not only provide for criminal prosecution but also for civil liability.

Our attorneys are aggressive computer crime defense legal practitioners.  We frequently handle representation to those accused of Internet crimes.  Some of the issues we encounter include:

  • College student is accused of computer hacking, violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, computer trespass, computer fraud, and a long list of other computer crimes. A Virginia Cybercrime defense lawyer intervenes to clear up these computer crime accusations and allow the young man to continue his promising IT career.
  • An individual faces computer trespass and hacking/unauthorized access accusations after retrieving emails from his unfaithful spouse’s email account. Prompt assistance from a Virginia computer crimes defense attorney is critical.
  • Our client was accused of being the leader of the most prolific Internet music piracy group in the world.  The charge consisted of conspiracy to commit copyright Infringement.  The charges were initially brought in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia located in Alexandria, Virginia.  The trial took place in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas, located in Houston, Texas.  Our client elected to have is case tried by a Federal Jury.  Our technical knowledge assisted us in providing competent legal representation and bringing the case to a successful resolution.  Read More…
  • Our client was arrested on access device fraud charges and aggravated identity theft in the Eastern District of Virginia, Richmond Division.  The accusations involved alleged selling of stolen credit card numbers, social security numbers, other personally identifiable information, as well as e-mail account data for spam purposes.  We thoroughly reviewed the government evidence, both the technical and the legal aspects, and assisted our client in obtaining a favorable result.
  • Our client was accused of using a computer system to solicit a minor in Chesterfield County, Virginia.  Our technical knowledge allowed us to properly dissect and understand the technical issues in the government’s evidence, resulting in a favorable resolution for our client.
  • Our client appealed a case handled by another defense attorney to the Virginia Court of Appeals and to the Virginia Supreme Court.  The charges involved the use of a computer system to facilitate certain offenses involving children in Virginia.  Our technical knowledge allowed us to be able to understand the case immediately and completely analyze all the issues despite being retained after the appeal process was already underway.
  • Our client was a victim of computer trespass and unauthorized network access by a former employee.  Our experience in both the legal and technical aspects allowed our client to gather the necessary evidence to prosecute the perpetrator in a “one-stop shopping” manner.
  • Our client was charged with eight counts of use of a computer system to facilitate certain offenses involving children in Virginia.  Our technical analysis allowed us to get the majority of the charges dismissed, resulting in a resolution of the case involving no jail time.
  • Our client was a victim of computer fraud, computer trespass and unauthorized access to his computer by a debt collector.  Our technical know-how and legal analysis allowed us to recommend a course of action for this activity, which may have otherwise gone undetected.
  • Individual charged with felony transmission of unsolicited bulk email (SPAM). The intervention of a Virginia SPAM computer crime defense attorney is necessary.
  • Individual accused of selling counterfeit medications over the Internet. The assistance of a Virginia computer crime defense attorney is essential to protecting the individual’s freedom.
  • E-Commerce website operator faces charges of Internet criminal copyright infringement. A Virginia cyber crime defense attorney intervenes to protect the website operator’s freedom.
  • High profile government executive with a high level security clearance is arrested for receipt, possession, and distribution of child pornography. A computer crime defense attorney must expertly manage the defense to prevent the Internet child pornography accusations from ruining his life.
  • Our client is arrested for obstruction of justice charges after being the victim of identity theft. The crimes were committed by the identity thief. A Virginia computer crime defense attorney with our firm intervenes to clear our client’s reputation which was affected as a result of the cyber crime of Identity Theft.
  • Our client is accused of illegally distributing pirated software online. These criminal copyright infringement accusations threaten his freedom.  An aggressive computer crime defense is necessary.

If you are accused of a cybercrime, you need experienced and competent legal representation. A cybercrime defense lawyer with our firm can assist you.