Internet Lawyer New Website

We are in the process of updating the Internet Lawyer website.  The website was a bit dated and in desperate need of a “facelift.”  We have updated the appearance and will be updating the contents to better reflect the current state of our practice.  This has been a very successful year for our Internet Law practice, and hopefully the new website will better reflect our image.  During that time, some of the urls in the Internet Lawyer website may still resolve to the old pages.  I am aware that this has caused some confusion for some of our existing and potential clients, but it will be resolved soon.   We are going through the same process with our Cyber Crime Defense website.  This one is almost done, but some urls still need to be fixed.

We will continue updating the website in a manner that will hopefully reduce any confusion.  This has been a great year for our Internet Law firm.  We became the first law firm in the United States to win a jury trial in Federal Court involving accusations of criminal copyright infringement (music piracy).  This was also the most important case of its type.  Our client was alleged to be the leader of the most prolific music piracy group in the world.  After five days of trial, the jury agreed with us and returned a Not Guilty verdict.

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