Trademark Infringement in Meta-tags

Website Meta tag Trademark Infringement

Businesses frequently compete for the best search engine positions.  Some may try to use a competitor’s name or the name of the competitor’s product as a website meta tag.  As your online trademark infringement lawyers, we provide you advice on how to protect your Intellectual Property against all Internet based trademark infringement, particularly trademark infringement arising from meta tag use.

Does the use of another’s trademark as a meta tag constitute trademark infringement?

A trademark infringement lawyer with our firm will assist you in evaluating the scenario to determine whether a use of a trademark in Internet meta-tags qualifies as trademark infringement and how to address this potential trademark infringement situation to properly protect your Intellectual Property rights. We expertly and diligently prosecute those who infringe on your trademarks online.

If you have been accused of Internet trademark infringement or if your website has been removed from search engine listings based on a claim of trademark infringement, we can assist you in protecting your rights against the claims asserted by a competitor, perhaps through a cease and desist letter from an intellectual property and trademark infringement attorney.